Customer Feedback


I just installed the Velocity Devices (VDI) Copperhead (2009 King Quad 750 Copperhead) and did some preliminary testing. My initial reactions are all very positive . My King Quad starts easily, idles better than with the stock ECU and definitely has more low end power. Unfortunately, I also changed my tires at the same time. Although I kept the exact same size, the replacement STI Black Diamonds are much taller. The increased size is changing my effective gear ratio. Even with the taller tires and my limited testing, I can still feel the increased performance from the VDI unit. I did a quick blip of the throttle and the front end lifted with ease. No pulling on the handlebars at all and no throwing my weight backward. 

I should add that my King Quad is fully dressed. I have a front and back box and a winch. My front box has two small coolers and the rear box is packed with gear. I also have a full three gallon gas can onboard. I would estimate that with the gear plus my 215 pounds, the total weight is around 1020 pounds.

I wonder what the Copperhead would do on a stripped down machine with a lighter driver?

Weather permitting, I am headed to the trails to perform some further testing on 11/10- 11/12. I will post those results also.

Installation was a breeze. The instructions are straightforward. The unit is well built and definitely delivers a power increase .

More on this to follow!


I'm absolutely blown away with the addition of the vdi on my kq700...I'm simply speechless of the new found power, the acceleration and top speed is something to be feared. 

Cheers for all the support in the past. 

Kris, Saskatchewan, Canada

Thanks Lyle for an exceptional product. I absolutely love it. I have done a few mods to my 2005 King like a clutch kit, etc., looking to improve that power, but nothing really made a noticable difference. Once I slapped the Copperhead in, holy moly, hold on, what a difference. The new power and response was unbelievable, not to mention the the fact that it got rid of the rev limiters and runs cooler. The first time riding with my buddies who drive the 800 Bombardier's, and I drove up to them and pulled my first wheelie, the look on there face was priceless. They were in a bit of shock as well. 

I would also like to comment on the exceptional customer service. I recently had a problem with my ECM, Lyle was very quick to respond to all my emails, and ended up getting me going with a brand new replacement withing the week, on my door step, with no charge. 

I did a lot of reading on which mods to do to try and get the King unleashed, and the Copperhead by far was worth every penny. In my opinion this is the only mod you will ever need! 

Dave, Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the excellent product that was sent to me. As soon as I got it, I pulled the Power Commander out and installed your ecu. it had taken about 30 minutes. Drove to a friends 4 acre property to test drive. To begin with, I'm always leary about performance products that promise huge improvements in power etc. The Power Commander was barely noticable, then the Yoshimura pipe, little difference. But your ecu, right out of the box, gave me a new ATV. I could not believe the difference. When i first got the 700, I was dissappointed in the performance. Now it's the opposite, Ithink it's almost too powerful. All I can say is what an excellent product you have released to the masses who didn't want timing retard and rev limiters etc. Once again thank you, now I will not sell my bike. I love it. 

Tim, Alberta, Canada

What I found is that, as advertised, the Copperhead, with it's fully user-selectable and tunable fuel mapping, eliminates the low end lag. When I punch the throttle from a standstill, I have a very crisp and responsive burst of power. Engine response is outstanding. I have the power I need at the tip of my thumb, without having to worry about overpowering through difficult terrain. Mid range response has also improved for me as well, and there seems to be an overall horse power increase across all ranges, low to high. 

The engine rev limiters in reverse and in front diff lock mode are gone. I have all of the power I need when I need it without having the cumbersome task of having to concentrate on holding down an override button for limited access to full engine power. That's nice. Not only is it nice, but for experienced and capable riders, it puts all of the engine's capacities to work for you when you really need it most. In my opinion, that makes it safer to operate. 

Another benefit that I've experienced and quite enjoy is the fact that my engine is running cooler, the result of the engine timing being advanced over stock. My fan hardly turns on, while fellow riders have to stop because of overheating machines. 

In my opinion, whether an advanced rider or a novice, the Copperhead's value in making the KingQuad 700 a crisp, responsive, and safe machine to handle makes it an outstanding investment in a performance upgrade. No other engine controller available on the market today that even comes close to offering the full range of control of performance engine tuning for the KingQuad 700. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Kevin, Tennessee, USA

I have a 2007 King Quad and must say this has to be one of the best investments I have made to it. the power is amazing with this thing! You have all the bottom end and mid range you need for any situation. The people at Velocity are the greatest! Lyle will help you with anything and everything. Before I had to ride a wheelie standing on the rear rack now just gas and go! I must say I've been dealing with people for 32 years and Lyle and his company are among the best I have dealt with in customer service and there products by far!!! (this is what you call customer service) so if your thinking your quad has a lot more to offer or think you need to trade to get the power you need you owe to yourself (and the king) to get THE VDI!!!!! oh yeah the best part! you can have installed and ridden in 20 min!! 

Jeff, Wisconsin, USA

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the "Copperhead" for my 700 EFI Arctic Cat. 

I have read so many great things about VDI, and the personal service, response and updates from "Lyle" always kept me informed and product was delivered as promised. 

I'm used to getting a lot of stuff delivered packed with old newspapers and styrofoam peanuts and trying to just find everything in the box so your neat package with everything in order and well protected for shippment was welcome surprise. 

I read the directions, and was surprised at the detail and the pictures - it left nothing to figure out and the Copperhead was installed in about 10 min. 

My machine is factory original except for the VDI Copperhead. 

My cat started right up and I could tell the difference just in the way it idled so smooth that something was different. 

I did not have time for a test ride - I left it on the trailer and hauled it 3.5 hours to northern WI for a weekend club ride as I trusted your device would work. 

There are not a lot of big bore ATV's in the club so wondering what I had to compare to and to my surprise a club member brought identical 700 cat to ride. 

We immediatly took off for trail ride, and I could let him get ahead of me and catch and pass him anytime I wanted to with Ease - simply unbelievalbe difference with your device. 

About 80 miles later we all hit the gas station, and I put in about 1/2 gallon less fuel than Polaris 500 EFI that was riding along with me, and I noticed that most were putting in more fuel than I took on with the exception of the 300 class machines. 

One catwalk across the road was enough for me - the throttle response is unbelievable. 

I need to mention that my wife was sitting on the back of machine in a large seat the entire time with a LOT of supplies, even with the extra weight it was night and day difference with two otherwise identical machines. 

Thanx again for a wonderful product. 

Happy customer! 

Lelan, Kentucky, USA

In the beginning... 

I, like many Kingquad owners, had watched other companies try, and fail... to fix the performance issues with our "detuned" from the factory, Suzuki Kingquads. 

I had seen several Brute Force 750's come alive with a VDI Copperhead on board. So it was with this knowledge, that I contacted Lyle in June of 2006 and pleaded with him to "look" into developing his already proven "Copperhead" product, for the 700 EFI Kingquad. 

To my surprise, Lyle responded almost immediately! (Try emailing the President/CEO of most companies..or even their tech support, and see how long it takes to get a response!) 

Long story short? Lyle not only invested a year of his life to not only fix the "lag" issue so many owners had complained about, but he gave me a product that: 

* Eliminated limiters! No more having to push the override button! 
* Increased my bikes performance, by allowing the engine to run cooler! 
* Allows my bike in High gear to EASILY "catwalk" (With NO "body" English or tugging of the handlebars) 
* Allows my bike in low gear to lift the front wheels as high as I want..and keep them there as long as I want! 
* Increased the mid-range and part throttle acceleration by at LEAST 110% (Percentage based upon the grin factor I get from the seat of the pants performance gains) 
* Allows for EASY adjustment of the VDI/Copperhead so that I can custom tailor my bikes timing, fuel, and other important variables necessary to get the most performance out of my 700cc EFI ATV! 
* And without a doubt, VDI gave me a product that has the best customer service, and best "after" the sale tech service of any product I've ever owned. 

As a beta tester for this product, I knew long before most people, just how determined VDI/Lyle was to offer the BEST PERFORMANCE upgrade money could buy for the Suzuki/Arctic Cat 700's. I also learned early on, what a tremendous listener Lyle is. Every time I've had a question, or brought an issue to VDI's attention, Lyle always gives a reassuring "I'll get right on it"...or "I'll take a look at that problem and get back to you". 

And do you know what? He ALWAYS does....and ALWAYS has! 

I have been 110% satisfied with EVERY aspect of my VDI/Copperhead experience, thus far. Especially the reaction of non-VDI Kingquad owners who test drive my bike... and become infected with the highly contagious medical condition known as.."VDI-GRIN!" 

Benoit, Quebec, Canada

Merci Lyles pour avoir mis en marché une boite electronique VDI pour les king quad 750 avant mon king quad 750 etait paresseux a bas regime et mid-range, j ai finalement decidé acheter une boite VDI pour mon plus grand bonheur! avec la boite VDi j ai installer un injecteur M109R avec un exhaust HMF serie performance! 

Lyles a devellopé une maps pour une HMF pipe et m109r injecteur pour le plus grand bonheur,tu install le kit (hmf peformance serie+m109r) et tu load la maps ensuite tu load le tout dans la boite VDi ,Bingo , ton king quad a droit a une bonne couple de horsepower 

depuis que j ai un VDI ,j adore mon king quad 750 ,il est puissant ,rapide,et je peux changer les setting de ordinateur comme bon me semble! et un dernier points qui est tres tres important! le technical support est vraiment champion! lyles prend le temps de repondre a tout les emails qu ont envoie! ca c est importan! je recommande fortement a tout ceux qui veulent plus de horsepower rapidement et facilement! un gros merci encore!!