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We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and money orders. All prices are listed in Canadian dollars, and do not include taxes and duty (where applicable). You can order online via the "Store" page.


We typically use Canada Post for all shipments. We reserve the right to change shipping couriers at any time. All in stock orders shipped within 24 hours of cleared payment, and delivery typically takes between 1-8 business days (depending on destination). Tracking number will be emailed to you when the item is shipped.


Customer service is our #1 priority. We will replace any confirmed defective product in the next business day, at our discretion. NO RETURNS ON OPENED ELECTRONIC GOODS. All returns subject to a 25% restocking fee. No refunds on shipping.

Please call us at (403) 668-7470, or email us sales@velocitydevices.com to obtain a RMA number for returns. Please indicated reason for return.

Do you need your unit remapped, updated, or repaired?

During the 1-Year Warranty Period

We provide free mapping and firmware updates for units returned to our facility.

After the 1-Year Warranty Period

We charge a $20 labor fee for all service work on out of warranty units, with an additional charge for all parts required for repairs. All units undergo a visual inspection as well as full electrical test.

Custom Mapping (Regardless of Product Age)

We provide free custom maps and updates via email. You would require either our Live Tuner Interface, or Memory Pod Interface (discontinued) to do the updates.

Returning Units for Service

Use the Contact Us page to arrange for an RMA number, as well as return directions. Units returned from out of Canada require special labeling to eliminate unnecessary customs fees and delays.


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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. All information collected from our website is kept strictly confidential. All information collected is used for point of sale and warranty use only.

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If you do not have a secure browser and would like to place orders, please phone, fax, or mail your order. Velocity Devices Inc. is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of a browser that is not secure.

When accessing our online order entry system using a secure browser, one can feel secure transmitting credit card or other confidential information sent over the Internet.

Online Ordering

Our online store is undergoing maintenance.

Please call us directly at (403) 668-7470 to place an order.

We appologize for any inconvenience.


Our Products

We are the only company in the world offering full replacement ATV and UTV ECU's. ATV manufacturers purposely adjust the complex fuel and spark tables to reduced power output for liability reasons. Other companies offer piggy-back solutions, but it is virtually impossible to properly match those curves to give optimum power output. Our ECU's are designed for each machine, and then dyno tuned to ensure the fuel and spark curves are optimized for your ATV model. Each unit comes with the ATV specific connector to allow easy installation with minimum effort. It comes preloaded with one "factory style" map and one performance map with disabled limiters, and is user selectable with a front panel toggle switch.

Our Quality

Our products are manufactured in Canada by a certified ISO-9000 facility. It allows us to have instant response to quality issues, which ensures you receive the best product possible. Our Copperhead® CDI/ECU can typically be repaired should you ever have an issue with it.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: "To offer the best product, at the best price, with the best warranty, Period". Check out the Customer Feedback page for what our customers say about us, and our products.

Our Support

There is no other company in the world that offers our level of service and support. We will pre-load your product before it is shipped, and offer free lifetime support and mapping. Having an issue and need to know if it's our product or your ATV? Simply contact us. We challenge anyone who claims they understand ATV fuel injector better than us. We typically respond to all support requests in one business day.

We understand that sometimes you cannot wait, so we have designed this website as a self-serve portal of information. Select the product from the Products/Support menu to gain access to technical support, troubleshooting tips, firmware, maps, and documentation.

Copperhead® Capacitance Discharge Ignition

The core of all our ignition products is our DPM-550 Copperhead® Capacitance Discharge Ignition (CDI). Our high energy and repetitive fire ignition allows for crisper throttle response, reduced fuel consumption, while giving substancial power gains.

Our CDI's for carbureted machines consist of the Copperhead® CDI and a machine specific wiring harness with mating connectors. Our ECU's for fuel injected machines consist of the Copperhead® CDI and a machine specific adaptor harness containing the EFI specific electronics and mating connectors for that model.

Key Features of Our Ignitions:
  • Fully sealed and waterproof.
  • Two-preload user selectable maps via front panel switch.
  • Machine specific connectors for a plug 'n' play installation.
  • Repetitive fire ignition for increased throttle response and fuel economy.
  • Can be pre-loaded for your specific application.
  • Increased power output.
  • Disables factory limiters.
  • Full replacement (not a piggy-back).

Featured Products

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      The Live Tuner is the most advanced engine tuning device available. In addition of allowing fuel and timing adjustments in real time, it also has the ability to log the actual EFI parameters used at the same time as the ECU is using them. When used in conjunction with our free CopperheadEFI application, you have access to the most comprehensive tuning and diagnostic setup available today.

      Live Tuner - Advanced ECU Tuning and Diagnostic Tool
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      The Copperhead® ECU is a plug and play replacement for the stock ECU (not a piggyback solution). It controls the timing and fuel, and eliminates the low speed lag and heating issues. It provides a typical 21% power increase from idle to redline (WOT), and a part throttle power increase of up to 40%. Works with the power steering models.

      2006-2009 Arctic Cat 700 EFI, 2005-2007 Suzuki KQ700 EFI, 2008-2013 Suzuki KQ750 EFI
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      The Copperhead® ECU is a plug and play replacement for the stock ECU (not a piggyback solution). It controls the timing and fuel, and improves throttle response. It provides a typical 6% power increase from idle to redline (WOT), and a part throttle power increase of up to 25% over stock. In addition, the top speed limiter has been increased to allow for about 16KPH/10MPH higher top speed.

      2007-2011 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EFI, 2008-2011 Yamaha Rhino 700 EFI
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      The Copperhead® ECU is a plug and play replacement for the stock ECU (not a piggyback solution). It controls the timing and fuel, and improves throttle response. It provides a typical 10-20% power increase from idle to redline (WOT), and a part throttle power increase of up to 25% over stock. In addition, the top speed limiter has been increased.

      2008-2011 Brute Force 750 EFI, 2009 Teryx 750 EFI ECU


We have several photos submitted by customers catwalking their King Quad 700's. All runs are done in high range, no body language, and from just snapping the throttle (no preloading with the brake).


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